You may review the following video or read the Step by Step Instructions to successfully sign in to Symphony. Be aware that each link is a separate Symphony instance and requires its own registration.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Please note that if you have previously registered in Symphony for a different contract vehicle, 

you need to register as if it's the first time for this instance of Symphony.  

Each Symphony URL requires a new registration.

We are working on a single login for Symphony and hope to have it available soon.

Step 1: Enter Email

Step 2: Enter Password 

Step 3: Enter Multi-Factor Authentication Code

Step 4: Authenticate

Step 1: Enter Email

The Login page prompts you for your email and password. For more information, please see How to Register.

  • If you see an Account Inactive message when you attempt to sign in, this means you must ask your SAM POC to log in to Symphony. Symphony does not send notifications to your SAM POC(s) if they have not registered in the same Symphony portal. Contact your POC(s) on your own to request that they activate your registration in the same Symphony portal. The SAM POC can activate your account in their administration link within Symphony once the POC(s) sign in or register themselves for the same Symphony portal and the same UEI and Cage Code. For more information, please see How to Manage Users.
  • If you should be a SAM POC, please verify your record contains the same contact information entered in Symphony. If it doesn't match, please register again with the correct information. 
  • If you were supposed to be the SAM POC and you modified your SAM record after you registered in Symphony, please contact the SAM POC that was listed on the confirmation page during your registration to request they activate your account. If you make updates to SAM after you register, it will not work for login, and you will need to be manually activated. Please contact us for this issue.

Step 2: Enter Password 

If Authentication Failed when you entered your password, use Forgot Password to have a temporary password and reset link sent to the email address you entered.

  • If you do not receive an email, check your Spam or Trash folders.

  • If you still cannot locate an email, please try to register again. Refresh your browser, and clear any fields with information before selecting "Register Now". If you receive a Duplicate Registration email, please contact us for this issue.

Step 3: Enter Multi-Factor Authentication Code

Your MFA method can be:  

  • A browser extension
  • An authenticator application on your Smartphone
  • Or any other time-based mechanism of your choice

Retrieve the corresponding code, then manually ENTER or use the COPY function to authenticate. For more information, please see How to Set up MFA in your Browser or How to Use your Phone for MFA.

If you use SMS, the code only works for a few minutes. Sometimes disabling wi-fi helps speed up the delivery of the code.

Incorrect MFA code message

If you have waited longer than 5 minutes for a text code, return to step 1 by canceling this step. You can also refresh the page and try again. Please see the Getting Started FAQ for additional information if you encounter difficulties. Email codes are not an option.  If your MFA needs to be reset, your registration wasn't validated. Contact us.

MFA reset message

Step 4: Authenticate

After entering the secret code provided, press Authenticate to sign in to Symphony. If you still need help, contact us.

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