The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Symphony. 

How does on-ramping work?

Only designated Contract Managers will receive an invite from Symphony to register. Once registered, Contract Managers will be able to:

  • Activate and manage registered users from their company.
  • Update the Distribution email for their contracts.
  • Assign other registered users as Points of Contact.

Why can't I see my contracts?

You can find your contract(s) in the My Company link if you registered for the correct company at the right link for the Contract Vehicle. Your contracts may only link to your company when the Contract Manager that received the invitation to Symphony registers. 

Are the solicitation documents attached to the distribution email notification? 

No. The distribution email only provides a link to the order in Symphony. 

  • You will receive emails for release, amendment, and award at the distribution email address.
  • A user must log in to retrieve the documents for distribution to your company. 

How are orders and announcements different?

Orders are targeted to eligible recipients, while announcements are general information. You can only see and respond to an RFI/RFP if it was released to your company and the selected socioeconomic and market segments

Why are we able to see an opportunity within the Symphony portal but are unable to access the documents?

Orders are targeted to eligible recipients, and if you can not see all the details, the order may not have been released to your contract by the buyer. You can only see and respond to an RFI/RFP if it was released to your company and the selected socioeconomic and market segments.

Why can't I sign a Contract Modification?

When Staff Users go to My Company > Contract > Contract Link, they can only view the Contract Documents tab and Download file(s). 

  1. Please ask your Administrators to include you in the Administrator group so you can sign contract modifications or they can go to My Company > Contract > Contract Link and then Contract Modifications, click the row and sign the file.

Who can submit questions/proposals?

All active users can submit questions in Symphony. Administrators can submit proposals and permit other users to submit proposals. You may want to limit the number of users who have access to Symphony so you can successfully manage your contracts. 

What are External Orders? 

External Orders are orders posted via another method, ie. eBuy or distribution email.  

External Orders require you to visit another site to view the details.

Can Symphony be crawled by a third party with credentials provided by the prime?  

Not currently. 

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