The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Symphony. 

Can the program office see the documents I post before submission? 

No, the program office team will only receive submitted proposals when the solicitation deadline is met. Up until the deadline, offerors may review and edit their proposals. Once the deadline is met, all assets are frozen.

How does Symphony calculate project points?

When you add projects from My Company to your submission, Symphony will pull the scoring elements from your project details. Make sure you Begin or Modify the performance factors that apply to the project for additional scoring elements. 

How do I add more tags to Symphony?

The Tag legend only applies to projects in My Company because these details are reusable. Enter your unique tags when you "Begin" the Performance Factors for Projects that you add to your Submission.

How do I identify that my projects/past performances are in scope?

  1. Start in the My Company link to build your asset library and add your Projects/Past Performance.
  2. Return to the dashboard and start your submission.
  3. Select your Projects and use the Begin button under Performance Factors to add your scope details.

How do I select more than one Proposal Manager?

You can only select one proposal manager at this time, but administrators can change it as necessary in the Administration link. A proposal manager is not required. 

What does "location in file" mean?

The location can mean a keyword or be a brief description of where the information can be found in the document: page number, section, paragraph, etc.  A keyword becomes known as a tag. 

Who can submit the proposal?

Your SAM POC administrator(s) or Open Market proposal manager can submit your proposal(s). Then the applicable pool will display the submission date and time, with the option to view the details of it. If the details are viewed, these users can undo the submission, and make edits until the solicitation deadline. However, they should carefully review and resubmit if changes are made. Once the Solicitation deadline is met, all assets are frozen and the program office will only receive submitted proposals.

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