Please follow these instructions to successfully build your proposals in Symphony.

Step 1. Continue Your Submission

Step 2. Add your Submission Documents


1. Continue Your Submission

When the solicitation(s) are open to proposals on the Dashboard, you can "Start your Submission" or "Continue your Submission" to complete your proposal in multiple sittings or review it before submission. The Proposal Overview tab is the first item in the left navigation menu when you are inside your submission.

 Proposal Overview


The Proposal Overview provides a summary of the information that you have entered in Symphony such as Team Members, MRCLs, Project Experience, and Business Factors, and added to the submission. 


2. Add your Submission Documents

This area contains the solicitation required form(s) for you to upload when available. Submission documents are typically the following documents.

  • Standard Form 33 (SF-33) *required
  • Standard Form 30 (SF-30) *varied requirement
  • Cover Letter (Optional)

Submission Documents 

Use the Document Library tab to see all the files included in your proposal. The files that are used in your submission(s) must remain until after submission and the solicitation deadline. Do not delete anything you need to submit until after the solicitation deadline. Symphony is unavailable when a solicitation deadline occurs so your assets are saved. 


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